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Life Insurance

We know you value your family and recognize the importance of providing affordable options so that you can protect your family's lifestyle and future goals. Life Insurance allows a person to grieve without the emotional stress of how they will maintain their current income, lifestyle, provision for their children, or even funeral costs. Molano Insurance + Financial Services is here to help you through this process. We have strategically partnered with companies that are financially strong, have a record of quick claim service and quality customer service. He also takes time to understand and know his customer’s lifestyles and personal needs. This ensures that his customers find a life insurance product that is “Not too Large and Not too Little” for their lifestyle.

Life Insurance Options

Term Life Insurance- Provides a death benefit for a set amount of time. A customer can choose from a 10-year, 20-year, or 30-year term. Through this option life, insurance benefits are guaranteed during the term chosen. This option is often chosen when a customer:

  •  Desires a Lower Premium
  • Has a Specific Financial Debt They Desire Protection From
  • Desires to Provide for Their Spouse and/or Loved Ones in the Event of Death for a Set Time Frame
  • Desires to Initiate a Term Life Policy with the Intent of Converting it into a Whole Life Policy in the Future